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07 July 2013 @ 09:26 pm
sexycazzy and I were discussing offering an extra challenge to anyone willing to make the attempt. If you are a real risk taker, which I'm sure a few of you are... Click the cut and see if you are game.

Greetings NCIS agents. Each month we're going to hold special 'missions'.
Each mission if completed, the agent will be rewarded with something special,
which is classified until the time needed for it to be revealed.

If you complete an 'X' bingo, and all prompts necessary to fulfill it are
connected to one another (such as all prompt chapters of one larger story),
or all graphics, etc. The thing is that they have to be linked in some form
or another. Graphics could be themed, such as the category style often seen
in 20in20 community challenges. How you have them connected, is up to you.

If you complete this mission, after you submit your BINGO announcement to the
community here at ncis_bingo, comment to this entry with a link to
your announcement. One of the mods will prepare your reward for a community
entry to be made thereafter. Good luck to all you agents.