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22 July 2013 @ 08:07 pm
Prompt List Change  
I updated the prompt list to include episode titles. For those of you that received their cards before today, you are free to replace ONE prompt on your card with any other prompt on the list as there are more options now.

Regarding the new EPISODE TITLES listing, if you receive or choose to write one of these prompts, let it be noted that you do not have to do anything EPISODE SPECIFIC. It is just a prompt and can influence anything your mind can create. For example, if you receive Bete Noire, you don't have to write anything about Ari's infiltration of NCIS or about Ari and Kate in autopsy. You can write or create art inspired by dread or dreading to have to do something or go somewhere (definition: a person or thing especially disliked or dreaded; bane; bugbear).

If you do choose to change one of your prompts, please leave a comment on this entry so that your mods are aware of it before you submit your bingo claim once you complete one.