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03 January 2014 @ 07:59 pm
Horizontal Bingo Filled!  

Author: ChokolatteJedi
Bingo: Horizontal
Medium: Fanfic and one Fanmix
Fandom: NCIS

1. One Shot, One Kill: The Basement, Gibbs, Fanmix, Learning to Forget
2. Learning to be Loved: Binge, Gibbs, Abby, Tony, Teen+, Abby visits Gibbs after a tough case
3. One More Night: Apple, Tony, PG, Tony gets a mysterious gift
4. Attraction: Tango, Tony/Ziva, Gibbs, PG, Tony and Ziva have to keep and eye on the suspect
5. Comfort: Glitter, Abby, Gibbs, PG, Abby wants Gibbs to get into the holiday spirit